Mediation & Arbitration

Negotiating a resolution is always the most effective way to address a business dispute.

We are pleased to offer mediation services in our premises on 1 First Street in Collingwood. Our facility is well-suited to mediation, with a boardroom and breakout rooms for private discussion. We can travel as required.

There are 2 types of mediation offered by Douglas Snider.

Mediation can be “interest-based”. In this approach the mediator facilitates discussion and the focus is on the parties interests, with a view to finding solutions that accommodate those interests. The mediator’s role is neutral and impartial. The mediator does not offer any evaluation or legal opinions, with the focus being entirely on finding and crafting solutions which come from the parties.

The alternative is “rights-based” or “evaluative” mediation. This approach is premised on the mediator’s ability to draw upon training, education and experience to provide opinions and evaluation of the parties positions.

Mr. Snider is equipped and prepared to provide evaluative mediation for the following types of disputes, all of which are within his experience and practice areas:

  • Business and commercial contract disputes
  • Construction
  • Partnership, corporate and joint venture issue
  • Winding up, dissolution and shareholder remedies
  • Employment
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Secured Party Remedies